Author's Night

When:  Wednesday February 28th 6.00-7.30pm
Where: Riverside School Cafeteria and Classrooms
What:  A celebration of all Riverside's young authors.  Students from K-5th Grades who enjoy reading to a group are invited to participate in a small group, breakout session.  These readings will be scheduled and grouped by age/grade.  For students who prefer not to read aloud, they are invited to present via a poster presentation where they can showcase their written work and have it available to parents/peers to peruse/view on their own.  With the help of parents and teachers, students can choose from anything they’ve written over the course of the year inside or outside the classroom.
How: keep an eye out for registration forms which will be going out in backpacks at the end of January. Sign up by Monday February 12th. 

Sign up Sheet 2018