After School Clubs

Dear Riverside Families,

 The registration for the Winter Club 2017 session is open! Registration is open for 1 week - Wednesday, November 30th-Tuesday, December 6th (closes at 3pm).  A schedule of the clubs, the days/dates, a description and grades eligible is provided below as an attachment.   

 If you would like to register online, please click on this link.  The schedule is not included on this form, so you will need to refer back to the schedule for details.

 OR, you can register via paper form - see form below for you to print and submit via the PTO box in the main office or your child's folder (subject to human error).  A hard copy will also go home in your child's/children's folder(s) tomorrow, Wednesday, November 30th. Copies of the registration form and schedule can be found here

 There are many details and instructions, so we greatly appreciate your review of the information.  However, if you would like more information, the PTO will hold an information session:  Thursday, December 1st at 8:30am in the Riverside Cafeteria to update you on the improvements made, the various clubs, and the instructions for registering.  We will ALSO provide computers to help you register onsite!

 Thank you!

Darleny Cepin, Lingyun Ding, Josh Winn & Beth Leman

After-School Club Committee


After - School Club Proposal/Application is here!

If you are interested in running an after-school club, please complete this application in full. This information will be used to consider, and approve, any proposal by the PTO and the Principal. Proposals can be given for an upcoming session or another one and even in a different year. The programs are reviewed and selected to best provide inclusive and diverse enrichment, exposure for all grade interests and levels, space, and cost. The Program currently is looking to expand clubs from 4 to 8. No clubs are guaranteed until final review prior to the session.

See the following process outline:

Submit a proposal (on line) outlining the following:

A. Club description/focus: purpose and activities

B. Club Coordinator to oversee all aspects

C. Instructor/activity leader

D. Participants: min/max number and grade range

E. Schedule: time, dates, number of sessions, dates club will not be held

F. Session structure: snack policy/ transitions to and from class

G. Kind of space /classrooms needed

H. Materials needed

I. Budget overview, including session fees (traditionally $10/session), instructor fees, materials costs, etc.

J. Parent volunteer requirements: a minimum of one adult needs to be present at all sessions for taking attendance, attending to students, helping instructors, and releasing students to their parent or guardian. In some cases, more than one adult is needed, and more than one adult volunteer is always welcome!

K. Student participant responsibilities

Email to volunteer!