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Book Fair

Fall Scholastic Book Fair

Riverside Book Fair SCHEDULEd FOR October 12-15th

BRAVO FOR THE 2016 Fall BOOK FAIR - We reached our goal to promote reading by giving every student in the school a free book. Many thanks to the Riverside community: students, teachers, Librarian Liz Lien, parents, staff, and administration for your support and help. A very big thank you to coordinator Mary Ellen Granozio and her dedicated team including Sasha Todorova, Leslie Schwartz, Alene Frankel, Trine Christensen, Pamela Adler, Xinyan Huang, Andrea Stock, Amanda Slater, Carolyn Jones, Vanessa Zhang, Catherine Shapiro, Shamoli Bhattacharjya, Anu Sanghvi, Haruko Wakabayashi, Beth Behrend, Joy McPartland, Ling Ding, Kate Naggar and others who stepped in to help.

In addition to earning dollars for PTO Programs, the book fairs guarantee loads of new books for our teachers' classrooms from Scholastic.  These books are distributed to teachers - and the library - for our children to enjoy year after year.  Every student receives a FREE book compliments of the PTO!  We look forward to next year's book fair. 
If you are interested in helping to coordinate this event, please contact Beth Leman .