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Party Boards


& PASTA NIGHT - Friday November 17 2017 5:30-7:30 pm


Don't miss this family event with delicious food, good company, and a wide range of party boards, raffle drawings and gift baskets for raffle. The best part of the pasta dinner is that it's on the PTO —no charge! Salad and drinks will be provided, and desserts are potluck. To raise money for the Gettysburg trip, the Riverside 5th graders will be working as food servers earning tips.  It's a great evening to enjoy and support your Riverside community!
What is a Party Board?

A Party Board is an event (the 'Party') donated by a host or group of hosts at a designated place and time. At the Pasta Dinner, Riverside parents and students will have an opportunity to enter their name on a sign up sheet (the 'Board') and pay the Riverside PTO a fee to attend these events. Families have fun together while supporting our Riverside community.  A wide variety of events are available to choose from for the entire family, kids only, and parents only participation.

What will the funds raised go towards?

Funds raised will support PTO-sponsored activities and programs for Riverside kids, including theater and rhythm residencies, Science Week and End of Year assemblies, after school clubs, folders and homework planners, classroom technology, and more.

 How can I help and what are some party ideas? 

 We hope all Riverside families will help support this important fundraising effort.  You can…

1. Help set-up/serve/clean-up the Pasta Dinner,

2. Come to the Pasta Dinner, sign up for, and pay to attend a party, and
3. Host or co-host a party with your friends! 



Here are some party ideas, to spark your creativity….
• Family Pool Party

• Game Night

• Knitting Circle

• Craft Party

• Movie Night Under the Stars

• Dinner Party

• Roller Rink Party

• Child’s Craft Party

• Cooking Class

• Tickets to a Sporting Event

• Mom’s Night Out

• Supervised Hike

• Kickball game

Bowling Party

• Progressive dinner

• Poker Night                    


If interested in helping or hosting a party, please contact Beth Leman or Caitlin Freeh (  
President RSPTO,
Oct 16, 2017, 4:00 PM
President RSPTO,
Oct 16, 2017, 4:00 PM