The Jetta Hall Fund

History: The Jetta Hall Scholarship Fund was established in 1992 in honor of Jetta Hall, a beloved secretary who served Riverside Elementary School for many years. Her commitment to helping children in combination with her compassionate ways continue to be an inspiration to all of us as her purpose still perseveres.

Purpose: All children should be given every opportunity to succeed and to become positive members of their community. Hence the purpose of the Jetta Hall Scholarship Fund is to provide financial help to meet the specific needs of Riverside students throughout the year. The fund is responsive to the special needs of children, particularly those in crisis or facing adverse economic circumstances. Assistance may be provided for a variety of family and student needs that would make a positive difference in the lives of our children. In addition, these funds are used to support students for field trips, special activities, clothing or equipment needed for particular activities, and during the holiday season. Requests and recommendations for assistance are determined on an individual basis.

How do I apply for The Jetta Hall Scholarship Fund?: In honor of Jetta Hall, our staff has maintained the Jetta Hall Committee, which consists of volunteers from our staff and our principal, Mark Shelley. Should you wish to inquire about the fund, please call Principal Mark Shelley at 806-4260. Confidentiality is a priority. All requests and subsequent support will be held in utmost confidence and will be respectfully discussed with the parent for approval. In addition to committee members, private donations and support during our fundraising events are necessary and much appreciated in order to help us continue to honor Jetta Hall as we strive to make the difference in the lives of children in need.

How do I make a personal contribution to The Jetta Hall Scholarship Fund?:

Parents often ask what our district allows with regard to gift giving, especially during the holidays and at the end of the school year. The Princeton Public Schools Board of Education policy states that employees may accept only token gifts. However, if you wish to show appreciation to your child’s teacher(s), you might consider giving a contribution to the Jetta Hall Scholarship Fund in recognition of that teacher. These checks can be made payable to The Riverside PTO and indicate Jetta Hall in the "memo" line of the check. Envelopes with donations enclosed (also please mark "For Jetta Hall") can be sent in with your student via backpack express or dropped in the PTO lockbox located on the counter in the front office.